Nourishing your child’s mind, body, and spirit

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School located at 1425 S. Market St. Mechanicsburg, PA

Our Mission

The mission of The King’s Table Schoolhouse is to encourage, equip and empower children of varying abilities to discover and develop their identity in God and God given gifts so they overflow with hope and joy.

We will fulfill the mission by:

    1. Partnering with parents to provide high quality education

    1. Providing small, intimate class groups

    1. Tailoring academic and functional learning to each child

    1. Fostering positive relationships within the classroom and the community

    1. Incorporating purposeful field trips

    1. Cultivating a Christ-centered culture


The vision of TKT Schoolhouse is to serve regular and special education students in a setting where they can experience Jesus in their learning. We believe that ALL students deserve a seat at the King’s Table.

(2 Samuel 9)